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the promise of love is hard to ignore
Dear Yuletide Author 
22nd-Nov-2011 12:53 am
Lolitics - AndyB - Lovely
Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you for signing up for Yuletide 2011, I think you are amazing, whoever you are and I hope you have fun with it! This is the first Yuletide I've participated in since 2006 so I apologize in advance if you are a Yuletide veteran and are expecting something a little more specific and/or polished than what follows.

So let's get onto the important stuff, first some general notes regarding genre, AUs and kinks:

- As far as genre is concerned I'll happily read just about anything from fluff to PWP to angst to kid,fic, I even like MPREG.

- I enjoy AUs but would prefer that the fic has some grounding within the universe in which it is set, ie. I would prefer to read and AU in which two characters, now aged in their forties meet as teenagers in the early 1980s to one where the same two characters are living on a distant space station in the 27th century.

- As for kinks, I really have a thing for watersports, especially first experience with watersports. I also like anything to do with urethral sounding. I love threesomes and moresomes. My very favorite kink however is pregnancy, both male and female, especially if the pregnant character is heavily pregnant.

Now on to the specific Fandoms I've requested:

Political RPF - UK 20th-21st c.

If you can't tell from the characters I've requested I'm Labour through and through. This said I'm not overly fond of Lib Dem and Tory bashing in fic so that is probably something to avoid. As for my specific character set as indicated above I love threesome fic so feel free to go wild and write about all three of my selected characters. I love angst in my RPF and all three of th character I have selected have the potential for delicious angst, I especially enjoy Andy!torture based around either his issues with his looks or his Catholicism, a fic where Andy finds himself attracted to either Yvette or Ed and feels he can't act on it because the person he is attracted won't find him attractive or because he is married and so are they would be amazing. That said write me fluffy domestic threesome fluff (maybe with babies or pregnancy)or some kinky, kinky PWP featuring any combination of the characters I've picked and I'll be every bit as happy.

Top Gear (UK) RPF

I would really like a Top Gear fic that explores first time experimentiation with watersports, especially if James is the instigator. I would love a fic that doesn't
just explore the act itself but the conversation or lack thereof beforehand. I would like this conversation to be realistic with Jeremy being at least a little squicked/confused by what James wants to do and not really understanding why anyone would be interested in watersports as a kink. Again, if watersports isn't your thing, feel free to write whatever you enjoy writing and I'll enjoy it regardless because I'm just happy your writing anything for me at all.


If you are writing a QI fic for me I hand you complete artistic license, no really, I do. Go nuts and write me something you will enjoy writing.

Swinging London RPF

Agin, I give you nar complete artistic license if you are writing a fic for me in this fandom, my one and only stipulation is that the fic be set in the 1960s. Other than than anything goes.

Thnk you again Anon
- jacqueline
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